Pallet Racking System Inspection/Audits

There is no Standard within New Zealand that applies specifically to Pallet Racking. However, we have adopted the new AS4084.1:2023 Australian Standards, which is accepted in New Zealand.

pallet racking inspections
pallet racking audits

Under AS4084:2023 a range of things have changed

The Australian standard AS/NZ4084:2012 has been updated and replaced with AS4084.1:2023 and AS4084.2:2023.

  • Racking inspections are now mandatory for all selective pallet racking every 12 months
  • Racking inspections can only be carried out by external parties
  • Racking inspections can only be carried out by competent people
  • Records of all racking inspections and repairs need to be maintained by the owner of the racking

If you have been conducting in-house audits or are considering doing so, it is essential you’re aware that this is no longer compliant, and it is crucial to adhere to the new standards.

We conduct our inspections using the following standards

  • Australia/New Zealand standards AS4084.1:2023 and 4084.2:2023.
  • N.Z. Seismic Building Codes.
  • S.E.M.A. Code of Practice “The Use of Static Racking Damage Evaluation”.

There is an obligation on an employer to ensure that employees have all the information that is needed to operate the racking system safely.